Deciduous Intent Is:

Umbraggio Prosel

Yarmilla Vashti

Emily Anderson (2003-2005)

Menesar Cautrusse

Umbraggio Prosel began studying the piano at the age of eight, exhibiting nearly no talent at it. Prosel was diagnosed with Ahab's Syndrome shortly after, a condition in which the sufferer displays a monomaniacal obsession with the skills in which he has no propensity. Needless to say his social development was stunted, radically distorting his perception of the outside world. This self-inflicted quarantine has resulted in Prosel's awkwardly appealing keyboard work.

In his free time, Umbraggio enjoys watching movies and television, and sewing. His favorite movies are The Piano, The Pianist, and The Piano Teacher. His favorite TV shows (currently airing) are Lost, The Shield, and South Park. His favorite textiles are corduroy and velvet.

Umbraggio lives outside of Chicago with his wife and twin daughters.

Yarmilla Vashti is a paleoecologist currently doing climate research in Sweden. While playing percussion for Deciduous Intent is a mere diversion for Vashti, her rhythmic skills are unquestioned. Vashti's peculiar sense of pleasure has allowed many interests to catch her attention, including number puzzles involving prime numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, and the so-called "Golden Ratio", as well as economics, game theory and the mating rituals of the indigenous people of Terrascotia.

When not adventuring in foreign lands, Yarmilla lives quietly in Providence, Rhode Island with her dog Myrtle.

Emily Anderson perished in a car accident in 2005. The atypical omission of her unfinished contributions to As The Leaves are a tribute to our fallen collaborator, our sister.
Like his bass lines, it is Menesar Cautrusse's reserved enthusiasm that propels Deciduous Intent forward. Even though Cautrusse holds advanced degrees in a variety of subjects, he undertakes an annual migration from Canada to Argentina and back. On foot. While this pilgrimage occupies the better portion of his calendar, Cautrusse cites it as invaluable to the cause of personal reflection.

While Menesar's personal demons may never be excised, his fans and critics continue to speculate as to the true nature of his musical artistry. Prior to Menesar's journeys, he was a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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