Certain debts can never be repayed. All I've ever done in life is take, all I ever want to do is take. When I give I am still taking. Creating this album is an expression of my selfishness. My ambitions in life have mostly to do with satisfying my own agenda - taking is a means and an end. - Umbraggio Prosel

For those of you who we have crossed paths with, thank you. You have altered our trajectories in immeasurable ways.

Mrs. Nichols ~ The Late Mr. John Grossman & Mrs. Grossman ~ Mr. Shufro ~ Mrs. Dillman

Mr. Linder ~ Mr. Kisor ~ Mr. Brunkhorst ~ Dr. Borodin ~ Mrs. Sacket

Members of: Delhi ~ The Barker String Quartet ~ Mahatma X ~ Pruf Rock ~ Torche (IA)

S.L.O.S. ~ I/F Mafia ~ The Academy (TX) ~ The GP ~ Denton Poker Society

Friends and Family of Deciduous Intent

To My Antitheses - You define me. You each occupy a dimension in my mind in which we are eternally arguing. Thank you. It is your attributes that I find so foreign and wonderful. Yes, you're right most of the time. - Prosel

211 ~ Patrick ~ Hillary ~ Sarah ~ Eleanor ~ Romel ~ The Queen ~ Travis


The cover art of As The Leaves was photographed by Li Fan. Thank you Li, you continue to amaze us with your work.

For those of you who we have never crossed paths with, it is very possible that we have taken from you with no regard to your knowledge of it. Thank you.

Thank You - Anyone who has ever given a ride to the stranded.

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