The deciduous, the deciduous. What is not? I know of nothing that lasts. Whether long or short irrelevant - it will begin, it will end. As the leaves fall and wither, so will I, so will nations, so will man.

An infant boy is found underneath the city’s oldest tree, abandoned. He spends his youth in a fruitless search of his origin. As an adult he ascends the thrown as the son of the land. To protect his city the king builds the most magnificent wall known to man - a wall so high that it blocks the sun, so disguised that it is unseen from the outside. Isolated from the rest of the world, the people live safely for decades.

But one day a young girl inexplicably emerges through the wall, bearing a message for The Orphan King. Has his past found him, or has time run out for the hidden metropolis?

Deciduous Intent proudly presents As The Leaves, a stunning legend concerning fear, sacrifice, love, and redemption.
© Deciduous Intent 2006. All Rights Reserved.